Wireless CarPlay 2021

Wireless CarPlay 2021

“Wireless CarPlay; the most talked and attempted feature can now be accessed even without a wireless CarPlay compatible car”

“Did I hear it right?”, This would be what comes to most of the readers at their first glance at the phrase. I say, yes you did hear it right. Due to several compatibility issues with some car inbuilt systems or aftermarket solutions, tech manufacturers have now attempted to find more easy ways to connect to the wireless CarPlay. The latest solution that works well with that is, the wireless CarPlay adaptor/the dongle.

What’s wrong with the default wireless CarPlay feature and why adapter?

Before the CarPlay adaptor/dongle came into existence, the car enthusiasts had to face different problems and issues like connectivity and compatibility issues. For instance, although people had a smart and a handy infotainment system built in their cars, they did not support wireless CarPlay. In that case, they had to find aftermarket solutions. But, this was not a wise solution for most of them. Why? It was costly and they still had some problems when trying to connect to wireless CarPlay.

The reason is that wireless CarPlay feature demands the user to have very specific hardware on their cars.

To put it simple, Wireless CarPlay requires both Bluetooth and in-car Wifi to work properly. But that’s not all. You actually also need to have a dual-band router built-in to your car to allow for CarPlay. This is why most of the aftermarket buyers are still having trouble in connecting or having wireless CarPlay experience. However, thanks to the CarPlay adaptor it is now resolved.

Wireless CarPlay Adaptors

For the moment, there are two wireless adaptors/dongles that work fine and proven successful results in our testing. They are CarPlay2Air and Carlinkit. And both wireless dongles help the user to have wireless CarPlay experience without actually connecting the phone through the lightning cable. So all you need to do is, just to connect the dongle to the USB port of the infotainment system and go ahead. Having said that, you would find two different process interfaces as both dongles’ origins are different from one another. Therefore, I think it’s better to talk about both of the wireless CarPlay dongles in separate sections. Let’s take CarPlay2Air first.

1. CarPlay2Air

Carplay2air dongle box- carplayhacks image
CarPlay to Air

CarPlay2Air dongle comes in a quite handy box that doesn’t demand you to put much of an effort to unbox it. However, just to note, that dongle basically comes in 2 forms. Dongle with mic and without a mic. You may order the CarPlay2Air dongle with a mic or the dongle without a mic at your choice. Once, the dongle is with you, all you have to do is to pop the dongle out of the box and plug it into the USB port of your car where you usually plug your iPhone into while keeping your car on start. Then turn on the Bluetooth and connect your iPhone to the device.

How to plug wireless carplay dongle
Plug CarPlay to Air dongle

If it doesn’t show up anything as you plugged in, don’t worry. It might take a few seconds to load. So let it be. Once loaded, you would find some poorly written or displayed instructions on the screen. (Don’t be too concerned about the language it displays, but focus on the functionality)

Wireless CarPlay  display
Wireless CarPlay Display

Now Good to go with the wireless CarPlay experience.

CarPlay2Air Compatibility

Most of the CarPlay compatible cars are compatible with Wireless CarPlay too. But there are many other factors affecting the CarPlay compatibility.  Below are the CarPlay2Air compatible car models and brands.

Acura 2017-2020

Alfa Romeo 2018-2020

Audi 2017-2019

Bentley 2017-2020

Borgward 2017-2019

Buick 2017-2019

Cadillac 2016-2020

Chevrolet 2016-2020

Chrystler 2017-2019

Citroen 2016-2019

Dodge 2017-2019

Ferrari 2016-2020

Ford 2017-2020

Genesis 2017-2020

GMC 2016-2019

Honda 2016-2020 (CR-V, Civic, HR-V, Clarity only)

Honda bikes 2018-2020

Hyundai 2015-2020

Jeep 2017-2020

Kia 2015-2020

Lincoln 2017-2020

Lexus 2019-2020

Mercedes-Benz 2016-2019

Maserati 2017-2020

Mazda 2018-2020

Opel 2016-2019

Peugeot 2017-2019

Porsche 2017-2019

RAM 2018-2019

Renault 2017-2019

Seat 2016-2019

Skoda 2016-2019

Toyota 2016-2020

Vauxhall 2016-2019

Volkswagen 2015-2020

Volvo 2016-2019

Aftermarket Units




CarPlay2Air supports almost all the brands and models that came after 2016. But if anyway your inbuilt infotainment system, car brand or the aftermarket device is not mentioned in the list, you are encouraged to contact the official CarPlay2Air support.

2. Carlinkit

carlinkit image

Likewise Carlinkit does the same function as the CarPlay2Air. Primarily as the name says it, lets your iPhone to get connected wirelessly with your car or your infotainment system. This comes with a type C port at one end while the other comes with the typical USB end that helps you connect it to the USB port of your car which is used to connect your iPhone.

Making this unit’s connectivity works with your infotainment system and your iPhone does not demand a complex process. Simply what you need to do is just plug into the USB system and pair the device with your iPhone. But make sure that there’s no bluetooth connection already paired with your iPhone and Car in order to expect it to be working properly. However, you might find instructions that come with the device which will be useful especially for you to go for the updates.

how to set up carlinkit wireless carplay
How to setup Carlinkit wireless CarPlay

Carlinkit Compatibility

The manufacturer of Carlinkit says that the device has support for most of the car brands. However they confirm that Carlinkit has support for Audi/Porsche/Volvo/Volkswagen and Ford SYNC3.

In conclusion, we can say that CarPlay2Air and Carlinkit are too good options to use if your car’s default infotainment system has compatibility issues with wireless CarPlay or if you face issues when you are trying to connect with it. Having said that the online users tend to have shown a greater interest over CarPlay2Air wireless CarPlay dongle.


To sum up, you can connect your iPhone with car using a cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth or wifi. CarPlay2Air and Carlinkit are the most famous CarPlay dongles used for connecting via wifi. Set up CarPlay in the correct way and then you can enjoy your drive in a safe manner.

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