How to use Waze in CarPlay

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Waze in CarPlay

When it comes to the navigation apps in CarPlay, Apple Maps is the major one which is the default. After iOS 12 was released CarPlay compatible vehicles got the feature of syncing to multiple apps. Initially, CarPlay was only compatible with Apple Maps. Other than Apple Maps Apple has granted access to Google Maps and Waze on CarPlay.  Waze and Apple CarPlay became a famous combo among car enthusiasts.

Here we go with Waze, how to use it, issues and fixes, alternatives and more you should know.

Waze on Apple CarPlay

Waze is a free navigation app that works with GPS equipped smartphones and CarPlay. Apple CarPlay with Waze is a huge convenience for CarPlay lovers.

If your car model is compatible with CarPlay the first requirement is filled to get Waze.

The next thing you need is, to have Waze downloaded to your iPhone. Your iPhone should be iPhone 5S or later and running iOS 14 or above to make it compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Let’s s see the Waze features

Waze on Apple CarPlay features

CarPlay and Waze are a nicer combination and here we can take a look at the features of Waze CarPlay.

  • Gives turn-by-turn directions in voice commands
  • Spoken street names (Text-to-speech)
  • Gives real-time traffic updates
  • Real-time gas prices
  • Toll road avoidance
  • Search destinations as your choice: entire address, category, place name, landmark, addresses from the contacts
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Alerts on roads with a history of crashes
  • Providing information about EV charging stations
  • Shows alternative roads
  • Able to play music while app on the run
  • Fun gaming elements and integrated social networking
Waze on CarPlay

How to add Waze on CarPlay

  1. First make sure that your Car is CarPlay compatible
  2. Then make sure that your iPhone is iPhone 5S or above and runs iOS 14 or later version
  3. Download Waze from App Store if you don’t have it on your iPhone
  4. Connect your iPhone with your car with a USB cable or with a wireless connection
  5. Open Settings on your device
  6. Select General> tap on CarPlay
  7. Select your Car
  8. Tap on Customize to begin the process.
  9. Scroll to the bottom and choose “More Apps”
  10. You will see Waze there. Tap on the Green Plus (+) sign to add the App to the list.
  11. Using the three bars on the right slide Waze to higher in the list
  12. Exit the CarPlay settings to change takes effect
  13. Tap on the Waze app on CarPlay main window to launch it.

In CarPlay mode, you will see the Waze map on one half of the screen shows the map, while the other half shows navigation instructions, search, audio controls, or other categories. Tap on the Waze logo to switch to full-screen view.

Waze app- known issues and fixes

  1. In the Apple Car Play Waze app, routing distance is limited to about 1000 miles (1600km) distance. If you want to route to a longer distance, select a point between your origin and destination less than this mentioned limit.
  2. According to your device model and version some changes can be happen
  3. Update your app frequently, as it provides configuration updates to prevent app crashing.

Waze app alternatives

If you are looking for CarPlay maps app alternatives to Waze here, you go. There are plenty of other best CarPlay apps are available in the App Store.

Apple Maps

In Apple CarPlay Apple Maps is the default app for navigation. Currently you cannot make any other app as default navigation app other than Apple Maps. Even Apple gives permission for other maps on Apple CarPlay, Apple Maps keeps the crown.

Apple Maps gives you the convenience of many features as a navigation app.

  • Supports Siri voice search
  • Gives commands
  • Shows the updated maps
  • Real-time EV charging stations
  • Downloadable Maps
  • Apple maps gives Satellite view on CarPlay
  • Weather warning of the map route
Apple Maps
Apple Maps

Google Maps

This is the most common navigation app and Apple CarPlay is also supported with Google Maps. Google Maps also gives many features as a car play maps app.

  • Voice control
  • Gives navigation commands
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Shows alternative routes
  • Works while other apps run in the background

Other than these apps, there are also many navigation apps you can find. However not all those apps are compatible with Apple CarPlay by default.

If you are interested to know how to add any app on CarPlay, here we have a solution for you!

How to add any app to Apple CarPlay

WheelPal app

WheelPal- the ultimate iOS app is the best method introduced by Carplay Hacks. WheelPal app is the best method to add any app on Apple CarPlay. If you are interested in watching video streams like YouTube, or Netflix you definitely will be happy about WheelPal app.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Hardware solutions

For those who are not interested in jailbreaking their phones, the best solution for you is a hardware adapter. There are few adapters available in our store which can play your favorite videos on Apple CarPlay. Here you can see them in details.

1.Onince Ai Box wireless CarPlay adapter

Onince Ai Box Wireless Adapter
Onince Ai Box Wireless Adapter

Onince is a famous brand for wireless adapters, which can enable YouTube on CarPlay.


  • Compatible with iPhone models from iPhone 6s up to iPhone 15 series
  • Compatible with iOS 10-iOS 17
  • Works with cars that has built in CarPlay
  • Comes with built-in 5GHz chip
  • Can be connected with a USB cable
  • Enables video streams like YouTube and Netflix on CarPlay
  • Easy to connect, and after the initial connection, it will remain further.

2. Carlinkit wireless CarPlay Ai Box

Carlinkit wireless CarPlay Ai Box
Carlinkit wireless CarPlay Ai Box

Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay (Car Play Apple) adapter enables watching Netflix, and YouTube streams on Apple CarPlay without jailbreak.


  • Supports from iPhone 6s to iPhone 15 series.
  • Compatible with iOS 10 -iOS 17
  • Works with cars that have built-in CarPlay
  • Upgrades wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay
  • Supports Netflix, YouTube-like video streams
  • Connects through WiFi and Bluetooth

Here we grabbed all you need to know about Waze Car Play, and how to add any app on Apple CarPlay. Keep in touch with Carplayhacks for more updates as we are frequently updating with the latest news.

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FAQs on Waze in CarPlay

  1. Does Waze supports only for CarPlay?

No, Waze also supports for Android Auto.

2. What is the Waze supported iOS version?

Currently Waze supports from iOS 14 to above versions.

3. Apple CarPlay Waze app crashing. What can I do?

Let the CarPlay restart. Make sure your iOS version is above iOS 14. Update Waze app frequently to get the latest benefits.

4. Can I use Waze as the default navigation app on CarPlay?

Since there is Apple Maps on the game, no you cannot make other navigation app the default.

5. How to make Waze app on full screen mode on CarPlay?

In CarPlay mode, you will see the Waze Apple Car Play map on one half of the screen shows the map, while the other half shows navigation instructions, search, audio controls, or other categories. Tap on the Waze logo to switch to full-screen view.