Apple CarKey 2021: New way to unlock the car

Apple CarKey 2021: New way to unlock the car

Currently, our mobile phone isn’t simply limited to making calls or sending text messages. Now it’s far more than a wireless something to make calls. The smartphone is now replacing your watch, calendar, TV, notepad, schedule, shopping center, ATM & passbook, music player, health meters and a huge number of different things we use in our daily life. Let’s see what’s this new Apple CarKey App?

apple carkey
Apple Car Key

Why is Apple CarKey so important for users?

We all know that’s how tragic situations we face when we lose our vehicle keys or forget our keys. Indeed, rather than utilizing your cell phone to call your companion and request the help or bring your keys, imagine a scenario in which you can use your smartphone to unlock your vehicle door, and start your vehicle. Truly! Now you can have your car keys also on your smart device using this Apple CarKey application.

What is Apple CarKey?

Apple replaces most of our daily needs and items by the iPhone. Now they are going to replace your car keys with their latest versions. CarKey is another new feature you can find in iOS 13.4 beta. This will allow you to open doors, start your vehicle, and control different settings through your iOS devices such as iPhone, tab, Mac, and Apple Watch.

CarKey came up with enhancements as an iOS 14 CarPlay feature and we can see that Apple has paid more attention on improving this. In the CarPlay iOS 15 new feature list, CarKey is found with enhanced security.

As indicated by the iOS inside kernel data, clients will have the option to utilize CarKey in NFC-compatible vehicles. If your vehicle is NFC compatible, all you have to do is hold your iOS gadget close to the vehicle to utilize it as the vehicle key.

One of the most fascinating things with CarKey is that you can simply share your key with others through messenger or any. More like a smart house key option. And you can give custom user privileges to them. As an example, you can give permanent user privileges to your wife while you can give temporary user privileges to your daughter or a relative.

How Apple CarKey use to BMW i8
Apple Car Key Screenshot

How to install the CarKey?

To install CarKey you need a CarKey compatible car. Most of the Apple CarPlay compatible cars makes are planning to have this feature and for now you can experience this with CarKey compatible BMW cars only.

The CarKey installation process is done through the apple Wallet application. (It will be important to have the vehicle manufacturer’s app to continue with the process.) Clients should put the iPhone on the NFC reader of his vehicle during the installation procedure. Here, now your keys are accessible with your Wallet app. Also now you can add or use it from your any iOS device easily.

how to install apple carkey
Using Apple Car Key

Importance of NFC for a virtual CarKey?

First of all NFC standards for Near Field Communication. It can also be described as a short-range wireless connection among NFC support devices. NFC is another great innovation that makes simple some of our day to day complex works. Such as money transactions, digital contents transactions, and connecting digital devices within a simple touch.

NFC available cars
Apple Car Key

Apple CarKey & NFC Supported cars?

BMW is the very first vehicle manufacturer that introduced the NFC functionality into the automobile industry. Currently, there are many car models in the market compatible with NFC functionalities. Also, several vehicle companies promised to mobile companies at the Car Connectivity Consortium that their modern vehicle models will support the NFC facility. So users can use this Apple CarKey or any application NFC needed facility with their cars. BMW, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Lincoln, Tesla, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Volvo, and Hyundai are some of the leading car manufacturers that use NFC technology in some of their car models.

With this application now you can have and your car keys anywhere, anyone you want. There are a lot more things you need to know about the latest iOS versions and applications. Be in touch with us for the latest news about iOS gadgets, updates, and jailbreaks.


Apple CarKey will be surely enhanced with more functionality and security in the fure. So stay tuned with for more updates and hacks to enhance your in-car life !!!