CarPlay Compatibility Checker

carplay compatibility checker

If you have a doubt whether your car’s default infotainment system is compatible with CarPlay or Android Auto, Compatibility Checker is the most convenient and accurate solution for you. This android app enables you to find whether your car supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay just after you enter the make, model and the manufacture year of your car.

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carplay compatibility checker results

It further gives weather condition based on your location and tips for a safe drive according to the condition. So that you are well informed before start your journey.

If your car is compatible with Apple CarPlay, you can add non default apps like Youtube, Facebook, videos, games etc to your CarPlay with WheelPal app.

Also, If the car doesn't support CarPlay or Android Auto, the app suggests you the alternative solutions to experience the same Android Auto and CarPlay features.

carplay compatibility alternatives

Main Features of Compatibility CheckerApp

- Android Auto Compatibility checker

- CarPlay compatibility checker

- Android Auto Alternative Solutions

- Android Auto Forum to share and discuss anything related to Carplay and Android Auto

- Latest Android Auto news and updates