Frequanty Asked Questions

Frequanty Asked Questions
Can I get YouTube on CarPlay?

Yes, but actually it is not supported by default. Still you can download it through WheelPal App

How can I check whether my CarPlay is Compatible With Apple CarPlay?

What you simply have to do is insert the make, model and the year of your car to CarPlay Compatibility Checker App and within seconds it will tell you whether it is compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto.

Which iPhone models are compatible with Apple CarPlay?

iPhones above iPhone 5 are compatible with CarPlay. Find the full list below.
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11
iPhone XS
iPhone X
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone SE
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5

Which countries support CarPlay?

Following countries are only compatible with Apple CarPlay.
China mainland
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Republic of Korea
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Arab Emirates

Can I get YouTube on Android Auto?

Yes, you can have YouTube on CarPlay with a simple hack. Android Auto YouTube Hack.

Is CarPlay android something real?

Do you believe me if I say yes? You can experience CarPlay on your android phone, using InCar app which can be introduced as a CarPlay and Android Auto alternative.

Is CarPlay available for iPad?

Unfortunately Apple CarPlay is not supported for iPad. But don’t worry, you can have a CarPlay alternative like InCar iOS app on your iPad.

I have an old car, Can I still enjoy CarPlay?

It is difficult to say exactly, but what you can do is check the car’s compatibility with CarPlay Compatibility Checker app. Also if you found your car is not compatible with CarPlay or Android Auto, you can go for a CarPlay and Android Auto alternative like InCar App.

What is Car key?.

CarKey is the latest way of unlocking your car with your iPhone. Find more on Car Key Is my Android phone compatible with Android Auto? You can enjoy Android Auto if your phone is running Android6 to Android 9 or below

What are the Android Auto Compatible Stereos

AAMP, Adayo, Alpine, Axxera, Bauhn, Blaupunkt, Boss, Audio Systems, Caska, Clarion, CVTE Dual, Evus, iNav, JBL, Jensen, JVC, Kenwood, Macrom, MMAUTO, Nakamichi, Norauto Sound, Panasonic, Pioneer, Planet Audio, Prology, Skypine, SmartAuto, Sony, UniMax, Zenec

What are the requirements to run Android Auto on my car?

An Android phone(should run Android 6.0 – 9.0)
A car or stereo that’s compatible with Android Auto.
A high-quality USB cable
Should belong to an Android Auto available country/region.
What are the Android Auto Compatible Apps?
Many navigation, entertainment, communication apps are compatible with Android Auto. Check the full list of Android Auto Compatible Apps

What are the Android Auto available countries?

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Guatemala, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela

How to add/remove apps and arrange the app list in CarPlay

First Go to Settings > General, and then tap on CarPlay.
Select your car and tap on Customize.
Use the add (plus) or delete (minus) buttons to add or remove apps. Moreover you canTap and drag on an app to change the order the apps appear in CarPlay Menu.
Then the next time you connect to your CarPlay, the new set of apps will appear in your preferred order.
What apps can I enjoy on CarPlay?
CarPlay supports an array of navigation, entertainment, communication and day-today apps. Read comprehensively on CarPlay Compatible Apps . And we got an awesome solution for you to add any desired app on CarPlay. That is an app called WheelPal and you can download and try it.

What is NGXPlay?

NGXPlay is a tweak for CarPlay that enables you to have third-party apps that are not officially available in Apple CarPlay. You can have YouTube, Netflix and most f the streaming apps on CarPlay using NGXPlay. Read more and download NGXPlay.

What is CarBridge ?

CarBridge is a tweak for runtime modification of Apple CarPlay. You can have Youtube and other visual based apps which are not available for CarPlay by default. Read more and download CarBridge.

How to download CarBridge iOS 14?

CarBridge full version is now available for iOS 14.3 . For installing CarBridge, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. You can use WheelPal app for checking whether your iPhone and the current iOS version is compatible with a jailbreak. If there is a tool, you can jailbreak it and then download CarBridge for iOS 14.x