Everything about Android Auto BMW 2023 | Carplayhacks review

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Everything about Android Auto BMW 2023 | Carplayhacks review

What is android auto? In short you can use android auto to connect your mobile phone into your car display. With the support of google assist you can enjoy your mobile facilities safely while you’re driving. Furthermore you can use android auto for navigation, send a text, answer a call, even to read your messages for you.

It is identified that BMW is one of the best Android Auto cars. So here we are going to talk everything about Android auto BMW compatibility, advantages, usages hacks etc.

Advantages of the Android Auto BMW

  • Most importantly you can have google assistant for all your mobile works.
  • Set reminders, check your appointments, calendar.
  • Get real-time updates and all navigations for your vehicle including traffic details and others.
  • Make calls, answer calls and send a busy text while rejecting calls.
  • Listen to you received messages and send text messages using google assistant.
  • Use Smart digital features such as Android Digital CarKey
  • Use WhatsApp, messenger, hangout, email, etc using google assistant safely while you’re driving.
  • Listen to your favorite playlists and easily change the song.

Android Auto compatible BMW car models.

  • 3 Series – 2019 / 2020
  • 5 Series
  • 7 Series
  • 8 Series sedans
  • X3
  • X5
  • X7
  • X6 – 2020

How to install Android Auto BMW

So how to connect your android auto to your BMW? You need to be careful with the section of the right input. Otherwise, you need to restart the whole process. Here is the step by step guide to setting up Android auto for your BMW. So here all you need to use android auto on your car is an iDrive controller, steering wheel buttons, and google assistant.

  1. Firstly open the OEM menu from your car stereo.
  2. Secondly select the multimedia option.
  3. Then select external devices.
  4. After that choose the Aux front option.
  5. Then set up the volume settings as you need and test
  6. Subsequently exit from the menu.
  7. Hold the menu button using the iDrive controller till the MMI sub-menu pops up.
  8. Then plugin the android device.
  9. After popup, the google navigates, Now press and hold the talk button on the steering wheel.
  10. This will open the google assistant feature.
  11. Now test by requesting a location or any.
  12. To try the android auto-link double-tap the back button.
  13. Choose the mirroring.
  14. Download the android auto-link app to your mobile.
  15. Then select the android auto-link on the stereo.
Connecting Android Auto to BMW
Android Auto BMW

Android Auto BMW compatible apps.

The Android Auto compatible apps list is continuously growing Listing. Here we are going to mention a few important applications for your daily life.

  • Google Maps
  • Waze
  • Spotify
  • Google Play Music
  • Messenger
  • Tidal
  • Whatsapp
  • Podcast
  • Hangout
  • Telegram
  • Kik
  • VLC player
  • WeChat
  • Skype
  • ABC new
  • Email

So if you are a BMW owner you can try these apps on Android Auto. And we : carplayhacks have secrets like Android Auto YouTube Hack which you can enjoy non default apps on your Android Auto. You can simply find these hacks in our blog.

So please stay with us we are going to bring you news , hacks and everything related to CarPlay and Android Auto with regards to BMW.