CarPlay iOS 14 Features, Issues & Everything

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CarPlay iOS 14 Features, Issues & Everything

No one can deny that Apple emerges with so novel features each year with their newest arrival of iDevices. This time, it seems that one feature is going to get extra attention from Apple’s; CarPlay iOS 14.

iOS 14 developer beta was released in July and it is reported that iOS 14 was released on 16th September 2020. And we noticed that Apple has given an array of new features for Apple CarPlay as they did with iOS 13 CarPlay.

We understand your euphoria. So why to wait, let’s hop into the features. Below are the 8 best CarPlay features that came with iOS14.

List of CarPlay iOS 14 new features

  1. New App Categories focusing on Parking, Charging and Ordering food.
  2. CarPlay Wallpaper is customizable
  3. Enhanced audio messaging and VoIP apps
  4. Horizontal status bar
  5. Improvements to Siri
  6. Chinese and Japanese keyboard support
  7. Car Key is coming
  8. Improvements in Maps

Let’s have a comprehensive look at the above features.

New App Categories focusing on Parking, Charging, and Ordering food.

In iOS14, Apple has introduced CarPlay apps like third party parking, EV charging stations, and food ordering apps. As a result of some experiments, CarPlay developers are going to introduce a variety of tools in order to use the iPhone in a smarter way in a car.

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CarPlay Wallpapers

With this feature, you can change the wallpaper of the dashboard home screen into colorful themes instead of the static black one we all have experienced. That means you can customize CarPlay with your favorite colors and themes which will always give you a fresh feeling in your CarPlay experience. Simply, you can set your mood on your car screen or set your car screen to make you feel what you want to feel.

Further digging in this feature reveals that Apple has given a predefined set of wallpapers for iOS 14 Beta which can be changed with the dark/light modes. The most interesting thing is you can use two different wallpapers for your phone and CarPlay.

For now, users are not allowed to set a preferred wallpaper on their own, but hopefully this feature will be available in the near future.

Enhanced audio messaging and VoIP apps

In iOS14, Apple has enhanced the audio messaging feature. So now, you can easily create and reply to audio messages with CarPlay. This will definitely be useful to be more expressive when you are sending messages while you are driving.

Also in the VoIP apps, the previous message threads will be displayed for later reference.

Horizontal status bar

Normally the status bar of CarPlay is located on the left side of the CarPlay screen and that is suitable very much for the landscape screens. But when it comes to the portrait screens, this status bar takes more room and the space for app view becomes narrower.

Addressing this problem in iOS 14 update, the status bar has moved to the bottom of the screen with a horizontal view. This creates a better layout allowing more space for the CarPlay app menu in portrait screens.

Improvements to Siri

As you might have already noticed, Apple manages to update Siri quite often. Likewise this time too, in iOS 14 we can see that Apple has made efforts to bring some new enhancements with it.

Not only the ability to send audio messages for anyone with the aid of Siri but also you can share ETA s (Estimated Time of Arrival) with others. The super interesting thing is ETA s are kept up to date with your status reducing the waste of time.

Chinese and Japanese keyboard support

Technically advanced countries whose native language is not English may find difficulties in obtaining the maximum out of CarPlay. And this has also been addressed by iOS 14 CarPlay update.

Chinese and Japanese keyboard support is now allowed for searching in navigation apps.

Improvements in Maps

There are many advanced improvements in maps, especially the guides for eating, shopping, charging spots and parking.

Furthermore, congestion zones in major cities like London, will be displayed in order to reduce traffic.

Moreover it allows sharing ETA and considers every single thing that matters like charging, when calculation ETA.

Car Key is coming

Even though CarKey is not directly a feature of CarPlay, we can still talk about that here as it has a relationship with CarPlay. To put it simple, it is the technique that you will allow you to unlock your car using your iPhone. This is also available for you with iOS 14.

This works with NFC. All you need to do is to tap your door handle. Read more in Car Key.

Issues Identified in iOS14 CarPlay

It is obvious that a beta version can contain some issues. So we noticed some common complaints regarding iOS14 beta versions as well.

Some have experienced the issue that only one app is displayed on one screen. So that they have to swipe a lot to open apps which they are looking for.

That was not the end, we also identified that CarPlay fails to launch with iOS14 Beta1 phones sometimes.

However, hopefully these issues are addressed once they release iOS 14 for the community.

CarPlay iOS 13 and CarPlay iOS 14

When comparing CarPlay iOS 13 and CarPlay iOS 14, we can find some major features came on both the updates.

Will brief them for your ease .

iOS 13 CarPlay featuresiOS 14 CarPlay features
– Well organized dashboardUpdated app cluster
(with calendar, music, maps and messaging apps)
– Album art
– Siri Improvements 
– Screen Independence 
– Enhanced flexibility
– Customizable wallpaper
– Updated app cluster with parking , eating and charging apps
– Enhanced voice messaging feature
– Horizontal status bar
– Different language support
– Siri Improvements
– Maps improvements

This shows that Apple developers are concerned about providing a super advanced experience for CarPlay users. They have paid attention in both appearance and functionality.

In conclusion we can notice that they have worked a lot on enhancing the overall CarPlay experience addressing all the practical issues we face while driving.

By now, iOS  15 is released for public and we can see and array of CarPlay features in iOS 15 including enhancements with the current apps introduced in iOS 14.

All in all, as CarPlay Hacks, your trustworthy assistant for a better CarPlay experience, we assure that we give continuous updates and hacks for you. If you are willing to see the latest CarPlay features with iOS 16 CarPlay, read more about CarPlay 2.0 .