CarPlay iOS 13 – All new features, issues and everything discussed

CarPlay iOS 13 has become a controversial topic since CarPlay has received more weightage in iOS 13. iOS 13 was officially released on 19th September 2019. When examining the iOS 13 CarPlay update, we can confidently say that CarPlay iOS 13 has come up with a range of exciting changes with a new look and feel, redesigned apps,  enhanced features and functionality. iOS 13.3 is the latest iOS version and  iOS 13.3 Jailbreak will bring more features than what is discussed below.

What is new in CarPlay iOS 13 - iOS 13 CarPlay News

New update has been affected on CarPlay dashboard, apps , settings, flexibility and almost everything in CarPlay. So it seems to be the biggest leap in CarPlay history. Will have a comprehensive look at them.

1.Well Organized Dashboard

iOS 13 dashboard is the very first interface when the carplay is launched and in iOS 13 and it has  been redesigned for a brand new appearance with an uneven grid template which all the current apps including maps, shortcuts, Siri and Siri-suggested apps get a space directly from the dashboard, so that all the apps are accessible with a single click. It prevents you from jumping among app screens as you did previously. The status bar gathers the most recent apps and it is refreshed automatically. 

A launcher icon has been hired for the status bar replacing the typical home button.

Still, the typical CarPlay home screen or the  former grid view of apps can be accessed from the dashboard.

In redesign they have paid attention to provide rounded corners as much as possible to enhance the modern look.

Moreover, for the first time, Apple have introduced ‘Album Art’ for the now playing items, so that you can easily change it.

ios 13 carplay dashboard

2. Updated app cluster with new apps plus revamped apps

When considering CarPlay apps, Apple developers have added new apps and have revamped some apps with enhanced features.

    Dedicated calendar app 

A dedicated calendar app has been added to the app cluster, so that you can add all your appointments details. CarPlay app allows you to set the map location, relevant contacts, related to each appointment  and once you are driving , you can get the directions for the event location through Apple Maps with a single tap, and the same way you can call the contacts directly through CarPlay.

ios13 carplay calender app

    Apple Music Redesigned

Furthermore, the Apple Music app has been redesigned, so it’s easier to reach all the playlists and albums favourites and radio stations. Also they have introduced ‘Album Art’ on ‘Now Playing’ items for easy navigation among files.

ios 13 carplay apple music

         Apple Maps

In iOS13 Apple Maps look and feel is updated in user friendly manner. It  always takes some space from the dashboard appearing all the time showing the route you pass. Moreover it provides Pop ups when you're near your points of interest , so that you can visit those places easily. Furthermore in specific areas , Maps give more details on public places, buildings, shopping complexes, parks etc , plus they have provided the “share trip” function.

More than that, there is a fantastic update related to maps, with Siri. Siri’s language has become more natural and smooth.

Eg: “ Turn left in 500 ft” is replaced by Siri for a phrase like “Turn right at the next traffic light” .

Likewise Siri’s directions have become smooth on junctions and intersections of the road.

carplay ios13 apple maps

    Messages App

Appearance of the Messages App too has been updated. So that it is easy to go through the messages.

ios 13 carplay messages

3. Updated settings 

Apple have introduced some functionality and appearance setting updates In iOS 13 ,in order to give you an optimum experience. 

    Light Theme

The default dark mode is updated to be  automatically changed to the light theme when necessary and you also can change the theme by simply clicking on the switch in settings section. That makes you comfortable in day driving as well as night driving. You can try both and find what mode suits you the best.

ios 13 carplay light theme

      Do Not Disturb Mode

Additionally, Once the traffic is high or  when you need to focus on maps, or if the roads are slippery due to weather conditions or else if you need to pay your fullest attention on the road (actually this is the most recommended way) , you are now able to set the “Do Not Disturb” mode. So your driving focus is not interrupted by notifications.

4.Improved Siri 

In iOS 13 update, they have reduced the size of Siri screen and embedded Siri  to the main screen. It allows you to get assistance from Siri while putting your eye on maps or using another app.

Still, Siri opens when the “Hey Siri” request invoked. 

Another awesome feature we find in iOS 13 is,  Siri's ability to suggest some apps to be in the very first dashboard view. 

5. Screen Independence

With iOS13 you can use CarPlay display and your iPhone display as two separate entities. So that you can run two different apps in two devices, same time. It enhances user experience as the passengers can handle CarPlay without getting the drivers phone involved.

6. Enhanced Flexibility

Another killer feature added to iOS 13 CarPlay is the screen flexibility. Now the CarPlay is automatically adjusted to the screen size. Different shaped (non- rectangular) screens too can be served with iOS 13 CarPlay.

Besides, now the CarPlay can be displayed somewhere else in the car, may be on a second screen , HUD or a dashboard cluster.

Issues in iOS 13 CarPlay

Even though the array of Beta versions of iOS13 CarPaly has come up with a list of new enhancements, on the other hand it has carried some issues with them. Will discuss the issues and solutions comprehensively in a future article after iOS13 officially released,   and for now will list out the issues with simple tricks for solving them, for the already released iOS13 beta versions. 

1. Installation Issues 

    If it gets stuck once you are installing the beta you can try the following tips

-Try hard resetting the device and install it again

-Revert your device for an old version like iOS12 and retry installing the Beta again. 

2. Wifi Issues

    You may also face into connection issues like slow connection, dropped connection etc. For that you can follow some simple steps.

        -Restart your Router

        -Forget your connection and Reconnect it

 Settings→ WiFi → your connection → Forget this Network→ Type Password → Reconnect

        -Reset your Network Settings

Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings → Type Password and Reconnect

 3. Mobile Data Issues

    -Restart the device and reconnect

    -Reset Network settings of your phone

Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings → Type Password and Reconnect

4. Bluetooth Issues

    In case you face bluetooth issues, try following.

    -Forget and reconnect the device

    -Reset your Network settings.

Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings → Type Password and Reconnect

5.Battery-life Issues

Sometimes you may experience a fast battery drain with iOS13 beta versions. You can try the following tips for that.

     -You can reduce the brightness with settings→ General→ Accessibility → Display Accommodations→ Auto-Brightness→ off

    -Remove unwanted widgets

Considering all the facts, we can recommend you that ios13 is the best update ever for your CarPlay.

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