Android Auto YouTube Hack

It is true that CarPlay and Android Auto have marveled its users with its features; Maps, music, podcasts, voice texts and calls have become more than once they were. Yet, people still miss something. They wish it was there on their in car communication system. They search and predict a possible way of having it. But what exactly is it that they are missing? Yes. your guess is right. Youtube on Android Auto or Android Auto YouTube hack.

It is obvious that watching any video while driving puts you in risk. Because it distracts and keeps you out of focus on the road even if it comes via CarPlay. But a tactful mind could use YouTube in a safe and effective way while bringing entertainment into the car. Let’s say there was an inspiring speech or a story you would like to hear most of the time on YouTube Or a stand up comedy programme that your family enjoy together. Or at least imagine how many times that perhaps your kids might have been sitting in the back of the car lonely without having anything to enjoy. Under such a circumstance, wouldn’t you think that YouTube on your car’s system is an ideal option?

YouTube on Android Auto

Google has not introduced YouTube for Android Auto due to the fact being people tend to lose their focus while driving. Therefore the only way we can have YouTube on Android is the unofficial way. Thanks to Kiran Kumar, he has developed an Android Auto YouTube hack named Car Streaming (Previously named as YouTube Auto). It allows you to play YouTube videos on android auto with translation additions including Chinese and Italian. In order to use this Car Streaming you need to make sure that you have downloaded both Android Auto app and Car Stream.

How to set up Car Stream (YouTube Auto) 

  1. Launch the installed Android Auto app on your Android home screen
Android Auto YouTube hack

2. Click on the hamburger menu at the top left corner
Youtube android auto

3. Tap on “About Android Auto”
Youtube android auto

4. Tap again on the “About Android Auto” multiple times on the opened window

Youtube android auto

5. Click on the menu located on the top right corner and tap on “Developer Settings”
Youtube android auto

6. Check the “Unknown Resources” box, Video 720p and 1080p.

Youtube android auto

7. Now launch Car Stream App
Youtube android auto

8. There you have… Enjoy YouTube on Android Auto

Android Auto YouTube hack

Note: It is advisable not to be focused on the video content while driving but on the road as it puts you in risk

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Everything about CarPlay and Android Auto

If you ever dreamt of your car being smart enough to be at your command, your messenger or entertainer, CarPlay has made it come true. 

CarPlay/Android Auto allows your iPhone/Android phone’s interface to be on the car’s inbuilt infotainment system. This makes almost everything you did on iOS or Android possible even without your hands’ involvement. Be it a call, message, or even a location on maps, CarPlay responds to you as it was commanded to do so. CarPlay is the feature offered by Apple while Android Auto is delivered by Google. Both do quite a similar job in terms of functionality and its offerings. But they do have restrictions or limitations which are unique to their own products too.

It is true that a considerable number of accidents were reported years ago in the US and many other countries due to texting or involving at least grabbing the phone to see the display while driving. Even now almost all the people around the world find it so hard to respond to the texts or emails when the hands are on the wheel. As you read this,  you might perhaps remember how many times you had to stop your car in order to respond to them. Understandably it is really frustrating. And above all the frustrations, it puts you in the risk of being met in an accident as it distracts you, demanding you to be engaged with the device. But thanks to CarPlay and Android auto for the smart solution that they have come up with to give its customers an excellent experience while on the road

CarPlay or Android auto feature is not as same as the bluetooth telephone feature we had those times. This allows you voice/command or dictate the infotainment system to get the things done for you by interacting with your iOS or Android device. Most of the newest cars or inbuilt systems support this CarPlay or Android Auto. And some of the car makers like Mazda are now working on making their upcoming models carplay compatible. For example, Mazda has added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features to their Mazda 6 , 2018-2019.

What if the car doesn’t support CarPlay? Should I upgrade my car?

With this latest advancement of car’s being smarter with the mobile phone integration, the most common problem that has emerged is whether the existing car should be upgraded in order to enjoy CarPlay/Android Auto on it. The best answer is, if you can afford, and really are passionate, go for it.

Upgrading your car costs you thousands of dollars more and going for such an expensive decision in a rush may perhaps draw you away from your satisfaction too in the long run as many other factors unique to your style or way might go disregarded. Therefore it is wise if you could go for an aftermarket solution If you really want Carplay/Android Auto in the car which gives you the same carplay experience while bringing you economical advantage. 

Aftermarket solutions

Aftermarket includes all manufacturing, remanufacturing, retailing or installing all the parts of a vehicle after its industry release or sale by its original manufacturer to its customer. Anyone who suffers from his car not being supported to CarPlay or Android can easily take advantage of this. The best aftermarket solution is installing a separate infotainment system which supports this feature.  

Compatible infotainment systems that are available in the market are mentioned below.

  • Kenwood
  • Sony
  • Clarion
  • Alpine
  • JVC

CarPlay on your car is not impossible. It is really achievable even without a non compatible car if you go for an alternative as mentioned. Truly, CarPlay has already captured many of its users heart as it gives REAL meaning for INFOTAINMENT system as it basically offers Information + Entertainment.

To find out more on CarPlay/Android auto and discuss your issues and share opinions, join CarPlay forum.