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CarPlay Hacks is the best place for all car lovers to get to know everything about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We provide you CarPlay hacks, tips, news, information, the best CarPlay apps, new hardware releases, and aftermarket head units to enhance your in-car experience with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

No matter whether you already have CarPlay / Android Auto or you do not have them. Even though you are not sure about that, We have solutions, guidance, and assistance for an enhanced driving experience. We provide all the things you need.

Apple Carplay or Android Screen Screen

Apple Carplay Android Auto

How do you want to customize your CarPlay?

CarPlay and Android Auto are meant to be experienced without any limitations. Be it playing YouTube videos on CarPlay or adding any app to the Android Auto interface, there’s a way to overcome the limitations imposed by default.

We hold the magic to make anything work on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto..!

CarPlay Hacks for Apple CarPlay

If you want to enable CarPlay on your car or enhance the CarPlay experience, we have solutions to make it work. We got you covered whether you have CarPlay or not.

Run any App on CarPlay with WheelPal

WheelPal app is the best software enhancement for Apple CarPlay as it’s able to jailbreak your iPhone and make it capable of running any app on CarPlay.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

The WheelPal app is based on jailbreak tweaks CarBridge and NGXPlay, yet supports up to the latest iOS 16.3 version.

Run any app on CarPlay with WheelPal.

InCar - Best Alternative for CarPlay

If your car does not support Apple CarPlay, you have two options to consider.

First one is to invest your money on an aftermarket head unit which supports CarPlay. You can find CarPlay supported infotainment systems and gadgets to enhance your existing CarPlay experience at CarPlay Hacks Store.

Second option is using InCar, the best alternative for CarPlay. Not only for iPhones, the InCar iOS app also enables CarPlay for iPads.

Installation guide for InCar App

Carmine - CarPlay Compatibility Checker

As CarPlay is essential to the drivers at the road, it’s mandatory to check if your next car also has CarPlay support or not.

Carmine makes it easy to check the CarPlay compatibility of any car with just a few steps.

Enhance the CarPlay Experience

As drivers, we should have the freedom to decide what we have on the CarPlay display. If there’s a need, then there’s a way.

Educate yourself to achieve the impossible with CarPlay Hacks Blog.

CarPlay Hacks for Android Auto Hacks

Android got a reputation for customizations but it’s not the same when it comes to Android Auto with its limitations. However, it’s not impossible to overcome those.

Enhance Android Auto Experience

If you already have Android Auto, you can enhance your experience with some handpicked gadgets which are designed to overcome the limitations of Android Auto.

Also, if your car does not support Android Auto by default but you want it badly, you can pick an aftermarket solution for an affordable price.

Visit our store to find solutions for your requirements related to Android Auto.

InCar - Android Auto Alternative

InCar - Android is one of the best Android Auto alternatives in the Play Store which supports any Android phone or tablet.

InCar has all the most needed apps for a driver including music, maps, phone and messages. It also offers customizations according to the user's needs.

Carmine - Android Auto Compatibility Checker

Before buying your next car, make sure its compatibility with Android Auto in a few taps.

Carmine makes this tedious process easy with Carmine Android Auto compatibility checker.

For Better Android Auto Experience

There’s a collection left to enhance your Android Auto experience with some tips and tricks. Visit our blog to know everything about Android Auto.

Blog covers up almost all the areas related to CarPlay and Android Auto. You can improve your knowledge and easily be updated on latest trends in the world of automobiles and get hacks for a better in car experience with our blog, since our experts update the blog very frequently.

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